Explore the possibilities of services currently offered by Hula. Email for all general inquiries including including press requests.



Custom Original

Custom original painting catered to your needs. Choose from specific sizing to materials used - everything from moss to surfboards. Subjects can be specified or left up to artist. 


Waterfall Original

Brand new concept combining custom waterfall fountains and oil painting. Perfect tranquil water sounds for homes and businesses alike. Create any range of sizes from 1ft to 100ft, the possibilities are endless.


Currently Available

Check out our shop for all current available original paintings, limited edition prints, and postcards. Email for current price sheet for originals. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on anything new for sale.




Wide variety of options for murals, from indoor to outdoor, large or small. Email for custom quote, will need to provide travel and accommodations. Cost will depend on days onsite.


Live Events

Live painting at any type of events from concerts to art festivals. Email for custom quote, will need to provide travel and accommodations. Cost will depend on days onsite.


Wall Permission

Have a unique wall you would want painted? We work with people that may not have budgets, but do have unique locations and walls available. Email us with pictures and sizing. Abandoned/Nature walls +


Original Content

Premium option for brands that want original, exclusive viral content for use on any platform. Collaborate on unique ground breaking projects that push the limits of art and adventure. Estimates will include an all inclusive price for production team, travel, supplies, etc. 



We are looking to attach quality brands with Hula that share the same values and passions. Some sponsorship support benefits include organic logo/product placements in content, use of products during all projects including interviews, events, etc.

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Collaborate and create original content for ad campaigns or product launches. Organically combine products with the adventure of art and exploration. The creative possibilities are endless, email to begin the discussion.