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Self-taught artist Sean Yoro, broke into the street art world in 2015, when the release of his unique water murals became widely publicized. Growing up on the eastside of Oahu, Sean spent most of his time surfing, until his late teens when he discovered his passion for art. Working under the alias ‘Hula’ he moved to New York to pursue his career. Influenced by his love of the ocean, Hula took to the water to create semi-submerged murals, while balancing on his stand up paddleboard. Merging his backgrounds in both street and fine art, Hula uses innovative techniques to capture figurative forms and unique narratives. His pieces are often paired with remote locations, demanding constant athletic training that push Hula’s physical limits and his connection with nature and adventure. Hula’s work often leaves you feeling an array of emotions while proposing an environmental discussion. His work can be found on public walls and in galleries worldwide. He has caught the attention of major publications with continuous features from media outlets such as CNN, The Huffington Post, Hypebeast, The Guardian, Juxtapoz Magazine, Daily Mail and Hi-Fructose Magazine. In 2018 he was awarded the title of ‘Forbes 30 under 30’.

All paints, mediums, and materials used for each project are completely non-toxic and 100% biodegradable, made with alkali-refined linseed oil or safflower oil and natural pigments.

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